Drinking some juice and being a little bored react and result in this.

Hey there! So I was reading my friend Bill’s blog that you can eventually visit here http://billzeebee.blogspot.com/, and I enjoyed the idea of the news’ critic he came up with. So I thought it’d be great if I could give my opinion too on a few topics I get the chance to read from time to time. So here you go, and thanks to Bill again, I’d never have thought about it haha!  See my scarce imagination?

(CNN) — Hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean says he has submitted the necessary paperwork to run for president of Haiti, a country he left when he was a child.
You know what I like about this? The fact Jean is a musician. I’ve always believed musicians have a very high sense of compassion. Many other people would run in for the presidency of Haiti just for the sake of the billions of dollars in international aid promised to the country since the quake, from what they could eventually intend to leave a certain percentage for themselves.
You see, musicians are people immune against masterialism. So unless Wyclef lacks in political knowledge and management skills (hell Haiti is a whole place to rebuild), I don’t see any reason why he should not win the elections in November.

(CNN) — Moscow remained under a blanket of dense fog Friday as wildfires covering large swathes of western Russia continued to burn.
Dam! 39 Celsius?  You know Morocco is one very hot country but this year’s been ideal. Rabat (the capital) didn’t even get to 39+. Now when I see Russia in a heatwave like this, it sounds like the end of the world is not that far (Okay, that was scary, joke!). Come on, I haven’t seen any United Nations coming for help so far.. People are struggling there, don’t tell me that someone who’s used to 20- is easily going to cope with the actual temperature, that’s just insane. Add up the piece of island (one of the biggest) that broke off Greenland early this week, I think there is much to worry about global warming.
To be honest I think only when lives will start flying off that objective awareness will be installed.

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Gunmen in the remote northeastern region of Afghanistan shot and killed 10 members of a medical team, police said Saturday.
I think Taliban really messed up this time. When you repeat the same act several times, you don’t use your rational thinking process when opposed to it again, but the habit of it makes you react so blindly that you no longer have time to reflect on what you did nor regret it. So yeah I don’t know how this guy feels right now, but I can guess what the public opinion thinks about the whole thing, regarding the fact that these people killed could have eventually landed in Afghanistan to help afghans themselves. Man, Taliban should think twice before taking action.

3 réflexions sur “Drinking some juice and being a little bored react and result in this.

  1. Bill dit :

    Haha thats good insight about musicians I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t think a person would even need to have much background in foreign affairs either seeing how Haiti is such a small country so if Wyclef has management skills then good luck to him.

    Wow that sounds like Illinois now we have both extremes except sometimes its even colder than -20C. I think the United Nations or some international aid will step in soon it could also be because Russia is a very proud country so they might want to deal with it on their own.

    The worst part is these weren’t even soldiers they were just a medical team what do they gain from shooting medics and doctors? All they accomplish is making the rest of the word hate them more.

    Thanks for compying my idea by the way also 😉

  2. Unknown dit :

    eventually is not the same as in french 😉
    juss saying

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