10 things Summer taught me.

I hate to say this. But for the first time in three months, I got bored. Simply because I got all depressed by that 1st September I saw when i dragged my mouse on the date. Done! No more sun, beaches, bikinis, parties.. Kills me. Travel agencies got bankrupt.
So what I did, I tried to remember in what way this summer ’10 helped me build my personnality. Yes, I came up with ten facts.
1. First off, Betrayal of J. Anyhow this is something I don’t feel like talking about, but it taught me not to talk about religion with people who cannot discuss issues without being prejudiced. For God sake, I’m not willing to convert you into my religion! To be honest, it’s better off without people with a critical mind. So yes, as I like to lead intelligent conversations, i don’t mind talking about everything (and when i say everything, it means everything), as long as you have the required skills for communication. I really enjoy talking to people with an ability to convince me, regardless to their ethnicity or beliefs. I dislike people having random statements not even based on logic. But most of all, I abhor thinking I am THAT close to someone, and then realizing I was only being befooled.
2. Realizing that time is precious. Thanks to my brother and my friend D. who exhorted me all the time to stop complaining so much about nothing to do. I was a real pain in the ass. I mean, really, about six months ago, I think I was the dumbest of all. Those two are the people that had the greatest impact on my life.
3. Uninstalling MSN. This is something I always cherished but never had the strengh to do. Hell, it’s much of a waste of time. This is a typical conversation between people.
A: Hey!
B: Hello.
A: How are you?
B: Doing good, you?
A: Great thanks. Wassup?
B: Nothing, you?
A: Same.
(After 30 minutes, be sure A just got bored; that’s why they talked again, don’t get your ego slightly inflated because of that)
A: So?
B: What do you mean so?
A: Whatchap you?
B: Not much. You?
A: Same. Listening to music.
(An hour again,..)
A: Anything new?
B disconnects.
That sort of conversation is what makes people more and more distant. I mean, 10 years ago, summer would look like ages, and we’d look forward to meeting our buddies when classes start. What the hell happened? That ol’ same story. Technology is a double edged sword; gets you closer to your friends, let’s say physically-virtually, but emotionnally, give me a break. You get sick of them all.
So yes, uninstalling msn is more of a process to miss my friends, because I don’t see any means now to properly get away. Everything is so linked in the world. Sometimes I just want to disconnect. (I got back to MSN recently though, due to a friend’s request. I didn’t really want to turn her down, but I’m soon getting back to my plans.)
4. Widening my knowledge in various fields, especially in religions and history. Hopefully I made acquaintance with enough people from Latin America to tell me about what affected their history the most. People generally wouldn’t talk to you about the whole history (except a friend from Brazil I’m really grateful to). As for religions, Chritianity intrigue me. It’s so split into branches and all, kind of confusing, but to be honest, there is no big difference between them all.
One religion kills me though, it’s scientology. The first time i saw it, headed to Wikipedia, and then read « Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices created by pulp fiction writer call-… » Wait… What? Okay, close tab, this is bullshit.  Holy crap! A fiction writer making up a religion and then all the sheeps follow the shepherd. Good God! It didn’t deprive me from reading about it though. Interesting in some ways, but it’s just common sense. So, good luck, and keep practising it because Tom Cruise is doing so.
5. Learning German. Ich lerne Deutsch, ja. Aber nicht gut genug, ich suche nach Menschen zur Praxis! Oh yes, I did. Even though I only started around three weeks ago now, I say I’m able to hold conversations now, no kidding. I need some practise though, and more to learn. Tenses and all, takes time. Now that I have school, it’d take me longer. I have a weak vocabulary but the trick is: always keep a notebook beside you to pencil down every single word that’s caught under your eyes. Also, make friends speaking the language, comes in very handy.
So yeah, that’s an exploit I’m proud of. I used to think about German a lot, but guess what, I was always putting this off to university: « I’m going to take classes in German & Japanese when i go to college.. ». Believe me, that’s a very bad insight if you’re ambitious. College is not going to teach you anything. You do.
6. Getting my first penpal letter from V. in Vilnius. And a month later, I get a penpal letter from M. in Argentina. I bet that’s way too exciting than getting an email in your inbox, isn’t it? Feeling the warmth of that letter, being touched by human fingers on the other corner of  Earth, exhaling that person’s neighborhood or socks. Everything starts to be so beautiful. You only have to make an effort.
7. Reading The Catcher in The Rye by JD Salinger. Hm, I don’t want to tell you what I read beside that. Trivial. But I really enjoyed this book. You ought to check it out sometime. It’s one of those books that hook you up from the very first sentence. So, yes, definitely.
8. Learning how to shoot. Thanks to George C., I’m impressed at how I’m a very good shot, seriously. I shot the Coca Cola can 4 times in a row, I’m an ace! (Although i really raped my nail, badly, trying to charge the pellet gun and pulling the trigger unconsciously) Sometimes you ain’t just got the chance to discover yourself. I’m not trying to show off… Okay, if you want to know the truth, I’m very bad at whistling, at cooking, at writing poems, at flirting.. etc -If you want a list of those, you pay me two bucks each, I’m not going to belittle myself for nothing!-
9. Going to America. This is the best place ever. Best people ever. Best buildings ever. Best activities ever. Best brains ever. Bes..Worst food ever! Hamburgers make me so fat. I don’t want to put on too much weight, sorry guys.
10. Realizing that I’m an asshole, and that I should pull myself together. School starts soon!

5 réflexions sur “10 things Summer taught me.

  1. The Blue-Eyed dude dit :

    Well I sure had a lot of fun reading the article, and while I do like the fact of talking about EVERYTHING to someone, I just can’t enjoy it with everyone. I mean if you are that convinced in your religion, then why would you feel threatened when I talk to u about mine or ask you questions about yours that you can’t even answer. Refusing to question your beliefs is what weaklings do.
    And I was gonna continue on writing but Food awaits me 😛

    • Kytheria dit :

      Oh, i do ? You’re probably mistaken. First, I don’t know who you are. Second, I never felt threatened when someone talks about their religion. Actually, they’s more than welcome as long as they respect my beliefs, as I assume I’m an open minded person. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever been stuck when it comes to my religion, except with my friend D. who is the perfect person to argue with, as he’s amazingly talented regarding the art of persuasion. So yeah, be like him and I’ll find nothing to get back on you.
      More over, I don’t think i refuse to question my beliefs. The good thing about religion, is that you keep questionning about it until you’re a 100% convinced, if not 99% haha. So i agree that it’s a sign of weakness to omit this aspect of it.
      Good appetite! I hope you get back and carry on writing. I’m very interested in who you might be :D.

  2. tom.gray dit :

    haha I know what you mean about MSN, but not all the time, remember our conversations? no time for that now though :(, you can’t imagine how much work I have right now!

  3. Trevie3 dit :

    Not a big difference between different sects of Christianity, eh? Ever heard of Mormonism?

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