Week-old Kindle screen crashed.

So I woke up this morning, happier than ever because of my philosophy teacher who’s just decided to cancel our exam. I reached out for my lovely Kindle as usual, hoping to read my Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield story. As usual, I lay there a couple of seconds admiring the ad, before i finally realize that’s not the point (man that’s just me, i appreciate anything). Anyway, i switch it on, and i have this sort of crashed screen over there that’s just so flagrant you’ll first think that someone sneaked into my room last night, dropped it and went out (excentric? no, evil).

I kept turning it off and on expecting it would soon be fixed, but to no avail. Then i had this wonderful idea of reseting the device. wooooow, guess what? when it rebooted i could see half of the screen displaying a home tree; guess the other half decided to rest for a while. Let’s say it’s gone, basically looks like someone pressed it so hard that there are black and white patches on the top. And the on the top right, there are still bribes of the ad i was admiring in the morning (last ‘paysage’ i was allowed to see).

When i talked about it to Izzy, he said someone could have dropped it or something, but the kindle remained in the drawer, wasn’t exposed to heat or cold, and last but not least, it’s only a week-old! I got really pissed at Amazon’s alledged sophisticated technology and started dropping (on the bed) and punching my kindle, in the hope that it would boot normally again, just like what i used to do with my 2005 moroccan computer.

Anyway, nothing worked. I started looking for a resolution to the problem on Amazon, but there was no allusion to it (guess they didn’t want to scare purchases), then i decided to do a little tour in youtube. And here you go, found someone who got exactly the same problem as me, and complaints kept drooling in comments: Said they asked for a replacement but most of them had the same problem after a short period with their new Kindle. In someone’s words « It is obvious their e-ink technology is defective ». Period. That explains everything.

The problem now is that, even though i wanna request a replacement, i’ll have to wait for my brother to go back to the states, cause i’m in Morocco remember? don’t really expect something to be shipped here, or at least arrive safely. I’m speaking of experience. And another problem pops up by itself; dude i was in the middle of my book!

Interestingly enough, i told a friend about it a while ago, and his response was: « wow, it’s crashed? cool, i didn’t really like your kindle » Well thank you.

That’s approximately what my kindle looks like right  now.
That's approximately what my kindle looks like right now.

2 réflexions sur “Week-old Kindle screen crashed.

  1. Blue-Eyed Fan dit :

    Poor you ahahaha 😀 I laughed so hard. I’m sorry I’m saddistic u little raper xD

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