Chaos is not the key to beauty.

Chaos is not the key to beauty. One doesn’t exist without the other. Beauty and Chaos are two existing concepts, and the fusion of the two is what really creates life. There is the right and the wrong, the good and the evil. But with the advent of society, not only black and white coexist, but the lines become blurry, and that is when the grey concept makes its entrance. Indeed, this is what we all need. Being too « dark » equals despair and depression, being too « light » equals extasy. In the two cases, either you’re loosing or gaining everything. But what is the real value of life ? It’s the content of what you have, and the hope for what you need. And that’s what I call equilibrium. You have a background that has built your personnality, and you’re using your personnality to create a new world.
Now what you call chaos might as well mean the bad influence of Society. (Obscurantism, exploitation,…) People usually observe little, and deduce quickly. As a professor says : « Correlation does not always equal causation ». Maybe life is flooded by an overtly destructive society, but with it being constant -going on a steady caliber- means there is still a great deal of benevolence. Now points of view often dissent on whether life is good or bad, but it is all about each individual’s psychology. Following one’s perception, life may seem alike, but as many of you could have possibly noticed, it is all relative, there is no absolute statement that defines the complexity life.
We live in a fluzzy, vague world, and we are empowered, thanks to goodwill and strong determination, to face the obstacles and barriers that obviate our paths. Relativity is what makes life tolerable.

Une réflexion sur “Chaos is not the key to beauty.

  1. Unknown dit :

    Hm that sounds philosophical.
    Never been able to assess the true beauty of philosophy though , « hmphh that’s useless bullshit , eh ? » I am sure it’s not though.
    good work

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