A day in the life of 3 types of Moroccan Muslims in Ramadan – Part I: The Very Muslim

First Note: The 3 type Moroccan Muslim series is to be considered as extremely exaggerated and not as actual description. Do no feel offended.


The Boy’s perspective

Allahou Akbar, my parents are already starting off the break-fast thing. But I need to finish my Salate and thank God for all the gifts He’s endowed me.

After I am done, I make sure my wishes last long so Allah knows I’m not rushing for food. It’s actually showing God how strong willed I am.  But… is this vanity? Astaghfirullah I need to redo my Woudou (ritual wash before salate). After I’m done doing Salate later on, I pray God to forgive that earlier conceitedness. Now let’s go hit that date and that cup of milk.

My parents look at me with great pride and they themselves doubt if they can be this pious.

– Son, if you want to do Salah, it’s no harm that you have a date and a cup of water to break your fast, and then you could hit your Sajada (the praying carpet).

– No father, this is Shaytan.

I eat slowly and manage to get a word through every time, in order to guide them to the right path.

My sister is  still very young but she dreams to be putting on the Hijab. I tell her that’s how I envision her to be the most beautiful girl in my eyes and those of Allah if she does so, and to the same extent I try to be the perfect role model for her as a brother.

My parents and I don’t watch Moroccan TV shows, we don’t think they fall into the spirit of Ramadan. We flick to Iqraa or Al-Huda, and we either get soaked in a Amru Khaled history show or a Tarek Suwaidan “Allamatni lhayate” (life taught me). However, seen we dedicate this special Ramadan opportunity to learn more about Islam Civilization, we’ve also decided to buy hacked CD’s from Derb Ghellef or Rabat Joutiya that tackle the Companion Omar or Othmane Bnu Affan’s life. If we follow the logic in Muslim economy, buying Hacked CDs should be banned as Haram. But in Islam Allah makes exceptions given the Niyah (intention) of his worshippers. So I guess I’m going to pray 5 times more everyday so Allah can forgive my sin, and give away the original DVD price difference in Zakah. (yearly Muslim charity)

Now that I think about it, when I told my sister how beautiful she would be… Maybe I did a sort of projection of my admiration for her in the future,… God that’s complete Incest. Tonight at the Masjid I will stay with the Faqih and ask him how I can repent to Allah from this conceptual sin.

I impatiently wait for the Icha Salate. In the Mosque, I do my Salate and make sure I stay up for the whole Tarawih. After the 4th round, I have a backache and my legs shiver a little bit, but I don’t care. For me it’s Jihad, love and submission. I show my Muslim mates how a real muslim can stand up for 1 hour. I wish we had a Fqih who would go on reciting for 4-5 hours. 4 hours is fine. I can even add extra hour for bonus Hassannate, they would compensate for the upcoming 3 days if there is anything. God would be so proud of me.


Back home, I get the whole family to watch Islamic shows and Q&A sessions on An-Nour channel. At night, I don’t use my computer. It can trigger a lot of bad sensations. Such as wanting to hear music instead of reading Quran, or looking up a girl’s profile picture in Facebook. Oh but, I don’t have a Facebook account. I think profile pictures on facebook are haram. I tried once to go to Muslim-Match websites to compensate that, but again, veiled girls post their pictures… I think this is Haram as well. It should be all anonymous. After all, Islam is about the heart and not the looks. But then again I thought about being dumped by a good-hearted Muslim guy and fall for him… Astaghfirullah. Anyway, Allahou aalam. Bottom line is I don’t have any pictures in my room, I’m afraid they would ruin my fasting. I have pictures of the Quran though.


At Souhour, I wake everyone up and give them dates, I do my prayer and sleep to be able to wake up at first hour next morning. I don’t want act like my fellow citizens who wake up until 5PM. Their fasting is completely not legitimate. Astaghfirullah. They should be burnt alive, on a Moroccan boiling Harira.


The Girl’s perspective  (this case: little sister)


My older Brother is so pious Mashallah. I want to marry someone like Him in the future. But if he ever hears me  uttering those words he would think I am starting to get very sexual and so my parents all would start questioning whether I allow myself to watch those kissing scenes in MBC2, which is absolutely not true! I do not watch Sin and when a guy starts touching a woman’s hand -astaghfirullah- on a movie and I anticipate a future kiss, I immediately flick the channel and wait. But the problem is sometimes I miss a lot of important scences in the Movie so I get back watch the kissing scenes. But really, in my head it’s about the intention. For me, it’s telling how sinners look like and I try to imagine them burning in hell while sinning. I just consider myself as a Muslim witness and visionary.

Now enough of this. For the time being, I’ll just just make sure I’m the perfect Muslim sister. Help mom in the kitchen, and try to fast a couple of days even though I haven’t matured yet. My brother will be so proud of me… and who knows!


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Une réflexion sur “A day in the life of 3 types of Moroccan Muslims in Ramadan – Part I: The Very Muslim

  1. omar dit :

    Thx for sharing the article. Yet, allow me to say that I couldn’t oppress the offence I felt while skimming it. it is hard to deny the fact that ur article is very exaggerated, biased and distorted; even the characters are imaginary and have nothing to do with muslims, “the very muslim type”, let alone Moroccan Muslims. I can sense in many parts of the article that u r ridiculing and despising ur weird “very muslim type”. I’m sorry to say that Such shallow, disdainful statements such as “They should be burnt alive, on a Moroccan boiling Harira – I don’t have any pictures in my room, I’m afraid they would ruin my fasting – ….For me, it’s telling how sinners look like and I try to imagine them burning in hell while sinning…” are immature, misguided and misleading. Thank u again and keep up the good writing style…

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