Morocco’s friendly deals with Spain: When a Pedophile is released by Royal Pardon


Today is a sad day for Moroccans. Today is the killing of hopes of thousands and thousands of Moroccans in a Democratic system solidly based on justice and equity. Today Moroccan’s dignity has been brought down to the lowest levels, perforated with the spiky spines of an unrighteous law and smashed by the power of the divine. Today a man with no mercy on 11 Moroccan children was released and given the joy the latter would never experience again… A vicious man with vicious practices on 11 children that can happen to be mine or yours, your little brother or my little sister, your fellow co-citizen or even the King’s child… the Prince, and ours happens to have around the same age as that of the children who were robbed their dignity and innocence back then.

On the 30th of July, which is the Moroccan Throne Day, the King Mohammed VI released 48 Spaniard prisoners. Among them: Daniel Galvan: A name that cannot be uttered without disgust, acrimony and total hatred. This Spanish man was sentenced to 30 years of prison in 2011, convicted of the rape of 11 children between 2 and 14 years old… The wounds did not even get enough time to heal, though the criminal was already released by order of Royal Pardon. Now we all know it’s a King’s decision, yet everyone still keeps questioning, “how the hell did the name of Daniel end up on this list”. When Juan Carlos –King of Spain- visited Morocco a week ago, he asked the King to release a group of Spaniards. Of course, Juan could not be any more pleased. Out of friendly deals or maybe signs of post-colonial subservience? You choose… or maybe it’s not a random citizen’s choice after all. It’s up to law and justice detainers, they sure know better.

According to a local web based newspaper –– when we asked the Royal Spanish Palace about the origins of that list, they couldn’t provide any further information given that the Spanish Embassy in Morocco was entitled to come up with the list of grantees. When we asked the Spanish Embassy, the latter referred us to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. When we asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, they told us that Moroccan authorities were the real ones behind the conception of that list, and that Spain did not give any name suggestion. When you ask Moroccan authorities, everyone remains silent. Maybe Casper the ghost did it… or Moroccan jnouns (ghosts) as it goes in popular culture.

Today when a highly placed Moroccan makes a mistake, silence is their best ally until someone finds out. Because after all, who would ever confess now for such a national mess that threatens national security and trust? Cowardice, ineptitude and incompetency, and most importantly “Corruptability”; it has now become a national sport for Moroccan pseudo-leaders. It’s the amazing ability to corrupt your own people, serve your enemies on behalf of your allies, and ignore your brothers and sisters for the sake of how heavy your pocket would be. You don’t care about the 47% illiteracy your country is suffering from, you don’t care about the homeless people agonizing because of the cold, workers, masons and domestic maids who work day and night to make a living and yet do not benefit from the basic needs as those of education, health or insurance,… and still they’re deteriorated by work and hope in better conditions.

Daniel was paying 50000DHS for indemnities to the families… Rich man, is he? When corrupt men in Moroccan higher hierarchy get money in the pocket in exchange of the favor of putting his name in edgewise, they only fantasize of how many trips they’re going to do with their wives/mistresses and children, how better of a lifestyle they’d have, how many more things, and things and more thing they’d acquire. They don’t see themselves smashing down dreams and Moroccan pride and integrity. They don’t see themselves overthrowing our security for the sake of personal good. They steal our lives and take away what’s most precious we have.

Yet it’s not their only fault. When a list is made for Royal Pardon, you don’t just give it away and nod. When a list is made for Royal Pardon, one should dig in the criminal history of the concerned, one should establish the criteria that would make the prisoner eligible for such a Grace. Moroccans are Forgiving just as the King is, but they are even more Forgiving when One admits a mistake and redeems it.

Now as I wander through my Facebook timeline, I watch a couple of people reassure each other: “As long as he is forbidden to cross our borders, we will be fine”… It’s not about Moroccan children; it’s about children of the world. When you have an insane man living among sane citizens, you don’t care about their color, their race or their religious beliefs, all you care about is how much of human beings they are just like you are. We’re not chasing a Spaniard, we’re chasing an infringement of Humans basic Rights. Jailing a rapist is nothing but as symbolic Right to be compensated for a loss that is irremediable. We’re saving hundreds and thousands of liters of tears poured over our bearings, out of grief, pain and suffering.. We’re telling those fathers and mothers: “Justice has been made. Your country, your government, your juridical system, your friends and surroundings and fellow citizens are all here for you, standing up for the rights of your infants” And to those children we wish to say: “It’ll be alright, you’ve nothing to be afraid of. You’re safe now.”

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