Morocco’s friendly deals with Spain: When a Pedophile is released by Royal Pardon


Today is a sad day for Moroccans. Today is the killing of hopes of thousands and thousands of Moroccans in a Democratic system solidly based on justice and equity. Today Moroccan’s dignity has been brought down to the lowest levels, perforated with the spiky spines of an unrighteous law and smashed by the power of the divine. Today a man with no mercy on 11 Moroccan children was released and given the joy the latter would never experience again… A vicious man with vicious practices on 11 children that can happen to be mine or yours, your little brother or my little sister, your fellow co-citizen or even the King’s child… the Prince, and ours happens to have around the same age as that of the children who were robbed their dignity and innocence back then.

On the 30th of July, which is the Moroccan Throne Day, the King Mohammed VI released 48 Spaniard prisoners. Among them: Daniel Galvan: A name that cannot be uttered without disgust, acrimony and total hatred. This Spanish man was sentenced to 30 years of prison in 2011, convicted of the rape of 11 children between 2 and 14 years old… The wounds did not even get enough time to heal, though the criminal was already released by order of Royal Pardon. Now we all know it’s a King’s decision, yet everyone still keeps questioning, “how the hell did the name of Daniel end up on this list”. When Juan Carlos –King of Spain- visited Morocco a week ago, he asked the King to release a group of Spaniards. Of course, Juan could not be any more pleased. Out of friendly deals or maybe signs of post-colonial subservience? You choose… or maybe it’s not a random citizen’s choice after all. It’s up to law and justice detainers, they sure know better.

According to a local web based newspaper –– when we asked the Royal Spanish Palace about the origins of that list, they couldn’t provide any further information given that the Spanish Embassy in Morocco was entitled to come up with the list of grantees. When we asked the Spanish Embassy, the latter referred us to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. When we asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, they told us that Moroccan authorities were the real ones behind the conception of that list, and that Spain did not give any name suggestion. When you ask Moroccan authorities, everyone remains silent. Maybe Casper the ghost did it… or Moroccan jnouns (ghosts) as it goes in popular culture.

Today when a highly placed Moroccan makes a mistake, silence is their best ally until someone finds out. Because after all, who would ever confess now for such a national mess that threatens national security and trust? Cowardice, ineptitude and incompetency, and most importantly “Corruptability”; it has now become a national sport for Moroccan pseudo-leaders. It’s the amazing ability to corrupt your own people, serve your enemies on behalf of your allies, and ignore your brothers and sisters for the sake of how heavy your pocket would be. You don’t care about the 47% illiteracy your country is suffering from, you don’t care about the homeless people agonizing because of the cold, workers, masons and domestic maids who work day and night to make a living and yet do not benefit from the basic needs as those of education, health or insurance,… and still they’re deteriorated by work and hope in better conditions.

Daniel was paying 50000DHS for indemnities to the families… Rich man, is he? When corrupt men in Moroccan higher hierarchy get money in the pocket in exchange of the favor of putting his name in edgewise, they only fantasize of how many trips they’re going to do with their wives/mistresses and children, how better of a lifestyle they’d have, how many more things, and things and more thing they’d acquire. They don’t see themselves smashing down dreams and Moroccan pride and integrity. They don’t see themselves overthrowing our security for the sake of personal good. They steal our lives and take away what’s most precious we have.

Yet it’s not their only fault. When a list is made for Royal Pardon, you don’t just give it away and nod. When a list is made for Royal Pardon, one should dig in the criminal history of the concerned, one should establish the criteria that would make the prisoner eligible for such a Grace. Moroccans are Forgiving just as the King is, but they are even more Forgiving when One admits a mistake and redeems it.

Now as I wander through my Facebook timeline, I watch a couple of people reassure each other: “As long as he is forbidden to cross our borders, we will be fine”… It’s not about Moroccan children; it’s about children of the world. When you have an insane man living among sane citizens, you don’t care about their color, their race or their religious beliefs, all you care about is how much of human beings they are just like you are. We’re not chasing a Spaniard, we’re chasing an infringement of Humans basic Rights. Jailing a rapist is nothing but as symbolic Right to be compensated for a loss that is irremediable. We’re saving hundreds and thousands of liters of tears poured over our bearings, out of grief, pain and suffering.. We’re telling those fathers and mothers: “Justice has been made. Your country, your government, your juridical system, your friends and surroundings and fellow citizens are all here for you, standing up for the rights of your infants” And to those children we wish to say: “It’ll be alright, you’ve nothing to be afraid of. You’re safe now.”

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A day in the life of 3 types of Moroccan Muslims in Ramadan – Part I: The Very Muslim

First Note: The 3 type Moroccan Muslim series is to be considered as extremely exaggerated and not as actual description. Do no feel offended.


The Boy’s perspective

Allahou Akbar, my parents are already starting off the break-fast thing. But I need to finish my Salate and thank God for all the gifts He’s endowed me.

After I am done, I make sure my wishes last long so Allah knows I’m not rushing for food. It’s actually showing God how strong willed I am.  But… is this vanity? Astaghfirullah I need to redo my Woudou (ritual wash before salate). After I’m done doing Salate later on, I pray God to forgive that earlier conceitedness. Now let’s go hit that date and that cup of milk.

My parents look at me with great pride and they themselves doubt if they can be this pious.

– Son, if you want to do Salah, it’s no harm that you have a date and a cup of water to break your fast, and then you could hit your Sajada (the praying carpet).

– No father, this is Shaytan.

I eat slowly and manage to get a word through every time, in order to guide them to the right path.

My sister is  still very young but she dreams to be putting on the Hijab. I tell her that’s how I envision her to be the most beautiful girl in my eyes and those of Allah if she does so, and to the same extent I try to be the perfect role model for her as a brother.

My parents and I don’t watch Moroccan TV shows, we don’t think they fall into the spirit of Ramadan. We flick to Iqraa or Al-Huda, and we either get soaked in a Amru Khaled history show or a Tarek Suwaidan “Allamatni lhayate” (life taught me). However, seen we dedicate this special Ramadan opportunity to learn more about Islam Civilization, we’ve also decided to buy hacked CD’s from Derb Ghellef or Rabat Joutiya that tackle the Companion Omar or Othmane Bnu Affan’s life. If we follow the logic in Muslim economy, buying Hacked CDs should be banned as Haram. But in Islam Allah makes exceptions given the Niyah (intention) of his worshippers. So I guess I’m going to pray 5 times more everyday so Allah can forgive my sin, and give away the original DVD price difference in Zakah. (yearly Muslim charity)

Now that I think about it, when I told my sister how beautiful she would be… Maybe I did a sort of projection of my admiration for her in the future,… God that’s complete Incest. Tonight at the Masjid I will stay with the Faqih and ask him how I can repent to Allah from this conceptual sin.

I impatiently wait for the Icha Salate. In the Mosque, I do my Salate and make sure I stay up for the whole Tarawih. After the 4th round, I have a backache and my legs shiver a little bit, but I don’t care. For me it’s Jihad, love and submission. I show my Muslim mates how a real muslim can stand up for 1 hour. I wish we had a Fqih who would go on reciting for 4-5 hours. 4 hours is fine. I can even add extra hour for bonus Hassannate, they would compensate for the upcoming 3 days if there is anything. God would be so proud of me.


Back home, I get the whole family to watch Islamic shows and Q&A sessions on An-Nour channel. At night, I don’t use my computer. It can trigger a lot of bad sensations. Such as wanting to hear music instead of reading Quran, or looking up a girl’s profile picture in Facebook. Oh but, I don’t have a Facebook account. I think profile pictures on facebook are haram. I tried once to go to Muslim-Match websites to compensate that, but again, veiled girls post their pictures… I think this is Haram as well. It should be all anonymous. After all, Islam is about the heart and not the looks. But then again I thought about being dumped by a good-hearted Muslim guy and fall for him… Astaghfirullah. Anyway, Allahou aalam. Bottom line is I don’t have any pictures in my room, I’m afraid they would ruin my fasting. I have pictures of the Quran though.


At Souhour, I wake everyone up and give them dates, I do my prayer and sleep to be able to wake up at first hour next morning. I don’t want act like my fellow citizens who wake up until 5PM. Their fasting is completely not legitimate. Astaghfirullah. They should be burnt alive, on a Moroccan boiling Harira.


The Girl’s perspective  (this case: little sister)


My older Brother is so pious Mashallah. I want to marry someone like Him in the future. But if he ever hears me  uttering those words he would think I am starting to get very sexual and so my parents all would start questioning whether I allow myself to watch those kissing scenes in MBC2, which is absolutely not true! I do not watch Sin and when a guy starts touching a woman’s hand -astaghfirullah- on a movie and I anticipate a future kiss, I immediately flick the channel and wait. But the problem is sometimes I miss a lot of important scences in the Movie so I get back watch the kissing scenes. But really, in my head it’s about the intention. For me, it’s telling how sinners look like and I try to imagine them burning in hell while sinning. I just consider myself as a Muslim witness and visionary.

Now enough of this. For the time being, I’ll just just make sure I’m the perfect Muslim sister. Help mom in the kitchen, and try to fast a couple of days even though I haven’t matured yet. My brother will be so proud of me… and who knows!


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AUI Confessions: What’s the big deal?

I’m a freshman student and this is my second semester. After all the excitement that comes with the newcomers’ ceremony and welcoming, I’ve come to meet people, deal with them, understand their motives and then tolerate them. There are no « bad » or « good » people. There are « bad » and « good » experiences that nurture psychological and behavioral patterns, and the more we’re going to emphasize the fact people at AUI are superficial and shallow, bad/good, the more accentuated these aspects would be. We all have defaults we’re ashamed to talk about, avoid to show or let people realize, and it’s not a terrible thing to admit. Yet some people wouldn’t even admit that to themselves. So let me ask you: how can you be able to forgive other people if you do not forgive yourself first? Once you’d forgive yourself, you’d open the door to change and you’ll open yourself to love. And then now I get the point where I ask myself “What is love?” and I find an inner voice whispering inside: “It’s like an iPhone game app. Once you unlock the first stage, you’re ready for the next.” In this case, the first stage is accepting oneself and then getting ready to welcome other people –and eventually the one- in our lives.

Saying this pulls me up to the major “click” that triggered my willingness to write.

Every once in a while, I used to go through the posts on the Facebook page “AUI Confessions” (Al Akhawayn University Confessions). Reading those confessions makes me think AUI is all about love. Oh, let me correct myself; but permit me the word: Sex. (Of course, this does not apply to everyone as I have met a couple of amazing people whose interests are significantly shifted away). Pretty sad though. Girls wanting to either have fun or fall in the arms of their sweet Charming Prince in University, guys wanting to screw around like fools under the pressure of their teenage hormones. Where is the love in all that, tell me? Love is not about waiting to hear a couple of stones thrown up to your windows, it’s not like a savior that is coming to deliver you from the chaos you’re suffering from, for what are you looking forward to flee or avoid? What is there that pressures you so hard as to think love is the only remedy?

We have been too much indoctrinated by the classical cultural portrayal of romantic love in the media. All the fairy tales we read, all the Titanic-like scenarios we watch unfolding before our dazzled eyes… too perverted I’d say. Pervert in a way that it perverts the brain, as it is self contradictory in its very essence; because not only do we tend to remember that “they live happily ever after” but we also unconsciously miss the fact that those very protagonists burst out of families that are torn apart (“divorced parents”, “cheating mother/father”, etc.)

Now I am not aiming to overwhelmingly smash down the theory of love itself, but what I am saying is that we ought to be rational about it and think it through carefully.

Love is both a biological reaction & a social construct. The biological reaction we tend to call “love” is scientifically not intended to last. Like all emotions, love has a biochemical and physiological component (mirror neurons). The heart palpitations, the little butterflies in the stomach and things alike. But these are just immediate reactions on the short-term (longer terms for some types of brain structures) that lead to irrational, emotional and drama-filled scenarios, for the problem is not in starting the relationship in this case but rather to sustain it, which wouldn’t be rather difficult if not impossible.

For the social construct aspect, one can clearly see from the works of Foucault how much of a concept of love was missing in the Classical culture. Before Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliette”, there is nothing such as two people falling in love and ending up living as partners or marrying (and of course, eventually “living happy ever after” *giggles*).

In the Greek period, getting attached to a woman was a sign of weakness (in Homer’s work women were seen as trade, in Mythology, Gods were fond of rape… you could only read about “true love” in Ovid’s work, yet at the time he was considered as a freak).

The ground for love was being set in the West during medieval era.  Starting from that time, the concept of love, how it works and governs changed over time. Love today is even getting even too commercial, sometimes even used as a type of propaganda; a random exercise to practice, actively promoted by power: media, state and capitalist classes.

To make long story short (I just looked up what I wrote and realized how much I’ve been dwelling on these facts), love as what everyone seeks (I don’t like to use the terminology of “seeking” as it implies expectations and therefore potentially deceptions), is what is called by the prominent psychologist Barbara Fredrickson as a rather “micro-moment of positivity resonance”. It is that connection, that flow of positive emotions which you share with that other person, and this brings me to my very first founding: You cannot share positive emotions if you do have none. That’s why you have to get yourself prepared to cultivate them in order to spread them around.

And how does that happen? I cannot tell you a magic recipe, as every one of us is different. But if you permit me to share my experience with you, I never feel so much balance within myself the way I do when I look forward to understand the motives of my own self, and this only happens when I let myself dig in the realm of spirituality or knowledge. A dear friend of mine used to tell me “Knowledge is power”: the more I think of it, the more I realize how deep and meaningful this is on so many levels.  And the tight connection between this and that (love) may not make any sense to you unless you try it out. The more you know, you more you’re equipped with the appropriate tools to  understand yourself and people around you, the more you’re ready to forgive yourself and people around you, the more your heart unfolds to love yourself and the people around.

And remember, when I speak of love, I speak of that one which you get to share with your parents, with your friends, with the “randomest” person ever. It’s no big deal not to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. What is it that a boyfriend or a girlfriend adds up to your happiness if you’ve finally reached your balance? It’s a complementarity, it’s something you think about when you’re hundred percent sure you’re done with your inner stability and that you’re able to handle with great maturity and honesty (yes, values are another topic but I don’t want to make this any longer).

So much hatred I see in AUI, so much blame, so much deliberate decisions over who’s right and who’s wrong, who’s good and who’s bad, and the flagrant consequences of depression, self-effacement, social withdrawal… and even more hatred, apprehension and contempt. I read so much bullying on the AUI confessions page I even get indignant and sorry for both people who write that and the others who have to cope with it. Why? WHY?

This is not the way things should be done. As a parent, you don’t educate your children by bullying them, but by showing them why what they’re doing is wrong. And you don’t go around embarrassing them in front of their friends, you take them aside and explain the reasons of your assessment. One thing I know is that behavior nurtures behavior. Hatred leads to more hatred. Behave well, and nothing less would you get in return.

You and I know that Moroccans are great pioneers in having prejudices and creating false judgments/falsehoods. What strikes me most is that everyone complains about everyone being this and that, this and that…. Which means that, ironically speaking, none of them could be accused of such. Self-explanatory right? Yes, each one of us has a part of guilt. Yes, myself, you, our friends… etc. And it’s not, again, a terrible thing to admit. Confessions are a first step to self-alteration, and on a larger scope, community change.

Thank you AUI Confessions, if the confessors’ goal is to remain as constructive and pure as your intentions.

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